ATTACHMENT & PRACTICES OF USE Jonathan Chapman’s Emotionally Durable Design is an exploration into designing objects that have long term emotional attachments. Durability is a key dimension of what it means to be sustainable and therefore is seen as a contributor to the “goodness” of the design. Bleaching is a common example of this. Follow. In our definition products and services are emotionally durable when the relationship established between the user and the design remains successful or even enhances over time. It ensures a garment is high quality enough to stand the test of time, all the while creating a deep attachment to the wearer. Literature reveals various design strategies for designing emotionally durable products (Van Hinte, 1997; Chapman, 2005; Mugge, 2007; Mullaney, 2010). Durability is the ability of a physical product to remain functional, without requiring excessive maintenance or repair, when faced with the challenges of normal operation over its design lifetime. This paper provides a definition of ‘psychologically durable design’ and clarifies its relationship to ‘emotionally durable design’. Emotional design is the concept of how to create designs that evoke emotions which result in positive user experiences. It might be collected, traded, or mended, but probably not thrown away. You don't have to re-do it after every wash, only after several uses. It doesn’t need to be replaced, but it might need to be maintained. Designers aim to reach users on three cognitive levels—visceral, behavioral and reflective—so users develop only positive associations (sometimes including negative emotions) with products, brands, etc. In economics, goods with a long usable life are referred to as durable goods Durable definition, able to resist wear, decay, etc., well; lasting; enduring. Semi-durable finishes can last multiple washes but will eventually wear down. Reconciliation: Emotionally Durable Unboxing Design. Emotionally Durable Design: Reduce consumption and waste of resources by increasing the durability of relationships between people and products, through design. According to Christiane, timeless design plays a major role. So, what exactly makes a garment emotionally durable? : 5 There are several measures of durability in use, including years of life, hours of use, and number of operational cycles. Emotionally durable design: when you love something you have produced and so does your customer, it lasts longer, is cherished and treasured. Design for reuse and recycling: "Products, processes, and systems should be designed for performance in a commercial 'afterlife'." Starting from the late 90s, design researchers started to address this issue by exploring design approaches that could complement product Life Cycle design. See more. Anchi Hsin.
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